Perfect 10 Nail Spa

The perfect spa is just 10 minutes away...

Our professional nail care artists are ready to give you the perfect manicure.
Choose from our five manicure options:

*A sugar scrub contains natural brown sugar, as well as essential oils for scent and glycerie to leave the skin feeling smooth. The main active ingredient is brown sugar.

**Sea Salt scrubs generally use a combination of essential oils and sea salt to exfoliate dead, dry skin and hydrate the new skin to help it appear and feel younger. Sea salt scrubs can be used on the whole body except the face, where the skin is too sensitive; however, it is great for callused areas such as heels, elbows, and hands.

*** Parafin is a waxy substance used in heat treatments by manicurists and aestheticians. warm paraffin is used to coat the hands, feet, or face. This paraffin coating holds heat in for 10 to 15 minutes and causes the pores to open and allow moisturizers to penetrate into the skin more readily. Paraffin therapy conditions and softens the cuticles and leaves hands feeling soft and pampered.

**** Hydration mask is found to enhance the skin's moisturizing ability. It calms and soothes extremely dehydrated skin by boosting short term moisture content, and providing a long term hydrating effect.